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On this page you will find the connection diagrams for the bathroom furniture, technical drawings of washbasins, useful instruction videos and frequently asked questions.

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Technical drawings and connection diagrams for our bathroom furniture.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the connection dimensions for my bathroom furniture? 

For extensive technical documentation and representation of supply and discharge pipes, you can download a PDF for each series on which all relevant information can be found. There are various bathroom furniture series that are equipped with multiple washbasins. Choose the right washbasin for the respective series.

Good to know: With most bathroom furniture, sufficient space is left behind the drawer for placing supply and drain pipes. Some furniture does not even have a siphon recess in the top drawer, so that it can be fully utilized. If you want to be sure that everything can be neatly connected, we advise you to use a space-saving siphon when installing your bathroom furniture.

What is the average delivery time of a bathroom furniture?

Most bathroom furniture series from our range are (usually) available from stock. When you choose an order item, the delivery time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

How can I adjust the drawer?

This differs per bathroom furniture series. For the Como, Dante and Seville bathroom furniture series, you can watch some useful videos about adjusting and/or replacing the drawers here.

How do i adjust the hinges?

How do i adjust the hinges?

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